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I have a folder on iPad with 250 images/videos. When I view folder in Transfer only 50 files appear. How can I download the rest?

Download Multiple Files from iPad to Computer Download PDF TutorialTo transfer multiple photos and videos from iPad to computer, you need to use either your web browser or the computer companion app. If you choose to use teh computer companion app, Wireless Transfer for Windows or Wireless Transfer for Mac, you do not have the 50 photos on each page limitation, you can download a whole album once no mater how many photos beneath.

To download through web page, firstly open a web browser on your computer to access your iPad photo library, then browse to this specific folder/album on your iPad. The thumbs of all photos/videos should be displayed on your web browser. However it will list only 50 photos/videos each page, you need to browse to other pages for the rest photos and video. You should find the pages navigation from the bottom right corner to browse to other pages with more photos/videos.

photos and videos thumb list pages

More features of the Image/Video Wireless Transfer App:

  1. The image and video transfer transfers multiple images and videos from one iOS device to another one, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  2. Use Wi-Fi network or hotspot to wirelessly transfer photos and videos
  3. Preview images before transferring
  4. Multiple image/video selection
  5. iOS images and videos batch transfer
  6. Compress images as zip files and transfer to your computer, Mac or Windows, wirelessly and quickly.
  7. Download raw images supported.

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