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Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 7 or Vista

Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Windows 7 or Vista Download PDF Tutorial
Normally you can just make use of your Wi-Fi network to send your photos and videos between your iOS devices and Windows PC. However if there is no Wi-Fi network or wireless router, can I still use the Wifi Transfer app to send and receive photos/videos?

In earlier posts, we talked about Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer and Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Mac for Wifi Transfer.

You can create wireless Ad-Hoc network on your Windows PC for Wifi Transfer as well. An Ad-Hoc network helps you establish a wireless connection between your Windows computer and iPhone, iPad or iTouch. When the wireless connection is set up, you will be able to transfer videos and photos from computer to iPad, from computer to iPhone, and vice versa. You can also transfer files from iPhone to iPad, iPad to iPhone through the Ad hoc wireless network.

If you are on Windows 8, please refer to Create Ad Hoc Wireless Connection In Windows 8

How to create ad-hoc network on Windows 7/ Vista for Wifi Transfer?

  1. Click on Start. In the search box, type wireless, then click Network and Sharing Center.
  2. You should see a list above and from that select Manage Wireless Networks.
  3. Click Add button
  4. Click on the option called Create an ad hoc network.
  5. Click on Next”, follow the steps in the wizard. You will need to give your network a name, choose security type, security key.
  6. Click Next, You should receive a message that the network has been created successfully and is ready to use.
  7. Join the Ad-Hoc network on your iOS device.
    After setting up the ad-hoc network your iOS devices can join the network you’ve created. Go to Settings app >>Wi-Fi, then select the name of the Ad-hoc network we have created above. You will be prompted to connection with the password which we have setup above.Wait a few seconds until you see the Wifi icon shows up on the top left corner of your iOS device, signaling that your wireless connection between the iOS and computer is created. It takes a while for your computer to assign a valid internet address to your iOS device.
  8. Run Wifi transfer app on your iOS devices start sending your photos and videos to your Windows computer or copying your photos and video from PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Tips of creating temporary wireless network based on our experience:

1. Make sure length of network name is less than 8 characters;

2. Use WEP security mode;

3. After selecting the temporary network on iPod/iPhone/iPad, please wait for moment to popularize IP address.

4. If your desktop or laptop computer does not have the built-in wireless support, you will not be able to create the wireless network. To see if your PC is wireless ready or not, go to Control Panel –> Device Manage to check your network adapter see if you have a wireless adapter or wireless network card equipped or not.

5. For wireless transfer between iOS devices other than computers, you can make use of personal hotspot.

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