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Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Mac

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Normally you can just make use of your Wi-Fi network to send your photos and videos between your iOS devices and computers. However if there is no Wi-Fi network, can I still use the Wifi Transfer app to send and receive photos/videos?

In an earlier tutorial, we talked about Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer between iPhone and iPad. Today we will introduce another way to move/copy your photos/videos between iOS devices and computers without a Wi-Fi network. You can create wireless Ad-Hoc network on Mac for Wifi Transfer.  An Ad-Hoc network helps you establish a wireless connection between your Mac computer and iPhone, iPad or iTouch.

Step 1.  From the top Mac menu bar, click the Wifi icon, select “Turn Wi-Fi On”.

Step 2.  Click “Create Newtwork …” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3.  Follow the onscreen tips to enter or choose below info:

Network Name: name the network as you like, such as ‘Connection for Wifi Transfer’, ‘My Ad-hoc network’.

Channel: use the default 11 or choose others

Security: choose 40-bit WEP

Password: set a password with exactly 5 letters or 10 numbers, such as ‘apple’, ‘abcde’, or ‘0123456789’.


Step 4. Create the Ad-Hoc network

You will find that the Wifi icon changed to a new icon on the Mac.


Step 5. Connect to the Ad-Hoc network setup on your Mac from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The Ad-Hoc Connection is created, you can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to join or connect to this wireless network now. Go to Settings app >>Wi-Fi, then select the name of the Ad-hoc network we have created above. You will be prompted to connection with the password which we have setup above.

Wait a few seconds until you see the wifi icon shows up on the top left corner of your iOS device, signaling that your wireless connection between the iOS and computer is created.


Step 6. Now run Wifi Transfer App on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and start sending your photos and videos to your Mac computer or copying your video and pictures from your computer to iPad, from computer to iPhone or iPod touch.


More Ad-Hoc network creation tips:

  1. Normally the 40-bit WEP security is good to go. Optionally you can also choose 128-bit WEP which is more secure and requires longer password. If you do not want to secure the network connection at all, do not select the Require Password checkbox.
  2. After connecting your iOS device with the ad-hoc network, please give your Mac some time to assign a valid internet address to your iOS device. Do not run Wifi Transfer app until you see the Wi-Fi icon appears in the top left corner of your iOS device.
  3. For wireless connection between iOS devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, you can use Personal Hotspot instead.


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