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Connect to Same Wireless Network via Wi-Fi or WLAN

Connect to Same Wireless Network via Wi-Fi or WLAN Download PDF TutorialIn order to use Wi-Fi Transfer app to copy over photos and video between different iOS devices, you need to connect your iOS devices to the same wireless network/router via Wi-Fi or WLAN.

Enable Wi-Fi Connection on iOS Devices

Tap to run Settings on your iOS, iPhone/iPad/iPod. From the top section of the settings on iPhone/iPod, you should find a Wi-Fi option. If it is turned off or not connected, toggle it on. The wireless network name will be display besides it. See below screen capture on an iPod.

change or connect to wi-fi network on ios (iPhone/ipad/ipod)

If you are on iPad, from the upper left section of the Settings, you will see the Wi-Fi option.

Change Wireless Network on iOS Device

If the wireless network names on your iOS devices are different, meaning you are connecting to different wifi network, you can tap on the wireless network name to change it to the same with other iOS. See the first figure above.

Wi-Fi VS WLAN on iOS Device?

Some iPhone/iPod/iPad users may find that there is WLAN other than Wi-Fi on their iOS device. Although the terminology is different, you can use WLAN or Wi-Fi to connect to a wireless network.

iPhone/iPad/iPod purchased in different countries may have this different in language. For most of us, we do not need to give it much thought.
wi-fi vs wlan for wireless network connection on iOS

WLAN in general refers to any LAN (Local Area Network) that a user can create or connect to via a wireless connection. WLAN is the generic term for the technology used by network-capable devices.

The term Wi-Fi was created by an organization called the Wi-Fi Alliance, which oversees tests that certify product interoperability. It is to brand devices compliant to IEEE 802.11 standards. There are a lot of devices which confirm to the standards but are not certified by
the organization though.

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