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Connect your iPhone and iPad with Personal Hotspot

Connect your iPhone and iPad with Personal Hotspot Download PDF TutorialPersonal Hotspot refers to the Internet-sharing feature on iPhone 3GS or later* and iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + Cellular. When there is no Wi-fi network available, you can still use the Wi-fi transfer app as long as you have the Personal Hotspot enabled.

iPhone Personal hotspot allows you to connect several devices with personal hotspot, including your iPad, laptop, macBook Air, Macbook Pro etc.

  1. Launch the Settings App from the Home Screen of your iPhone.
  2. In Settings tap on Personal Hotspot

    turn on hotspot on iPhone

    turn on hotspot on iPhone

  3. Toggle Personal Hotspot to “On”
    setup hotspot iphone
  4. You can set a password for the personal hotspot

Now let’s go to the iPad and join the hotspot from there. We can join the personal hotspot which we have just setup on the iPhone from any another iOS device.

  1. On your iPad, launch Settings
  2. Tap WLAN in the sidebar
    iPad join personal hotspot iPhone
  3. Select your iPhone name under Choose a Network…
  4. Enter the WLAN Password shown on your iPhone.

When your iPhone and iPad are connected in the same local wireless network created by the personal hotspot, you can run the Wi-Fi Transfer App for iOS on them and send over your photos and videos wirelessly. Best of all, it will be peer to peer transfer within your local wireless network, no cellular data will be used.

Now you can send photos from iPhone to iPad or vice versa, send videos from iPhone to iPad or vice versa. Enjoy the ease of wireless transfer on your iOS!

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