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I have some long videos on iPhone that I need to cut and jumped into trying this video slimmer out and was pleased from my first attempt. It is rather straight forward and easy to figure out. Just playing around with the settings I was very pleased with how easy it was for me to break a large video file into smaller clips. What’s more amazing is the video compressing capability with this video slimmer app for iPhone.

If you have a video album full of MOV files shot on iPhone and want to compress the iPhone videos. Chances are you have saved a lot of videos on your iPhone, they take so much space that you can not take any new photos or videos.

Normally we would transfer out the videos to our computer for backup. But there is always a possibility that you might have some videos that you want to keep on your iPhone. If it is the case for you, you can send the original copy of the video to your computer for backup and keep a compressed copy of the same video on your iPhone.

You can compress videos directly using your iPhone, just follow below steps.

Step 1. Start Video Slimmer App for iPhone and load the video file you want to compress.
Step 2. Tap on the + icon to browse to your camera roll and load the video source to the compressor.

compress videos using iPhone

Step 3. Tap the slim button to compress videos on iPhone.

Tips Compressing videos on iPhone:
1. You can press on the Gear icon to open a Video Settings window and change your video resolution, height, width from there.
2. You can also tap on an loaded video to open the Trim Video window and cut videos.
3. Explore more features about the Video Compressor App here.



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