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Maximum File Size Limit for Browser Uploads and Downloads

Is there a file size limit for browser uploads or downloads? You can transfer photos and videos through any modern browsers between iPhone iPad iPod and computers. However we limit it to 2 GB each upload or download through HTTP. For file size that are 2 GB or greater, we suggest you to download the [...]

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Upload from Computer to iPad

web browser uploading from computer to iPad

You can wirelessly send photos and videos from your computer, Mac or PC, to your iPad device through your web browser. To do that, please connect both the computer and iPad to the same Wi-Fi network, then follow below steps. Note: If you are on iPhone or iPod, please refer to this guide: Upload Photos [...]


Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Computers and iOS Devices

Transferring Files Wirelessly Between Computers and iOS Devices

Many iOS users find it is inconvenient to send photos and videos between their iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer. Because you have to use a USB data cable to connect the iOS device and computer, then launch iTunes app on computer and sync. The iOS App, Wireless Transfer App, can help users transfer files wirelessly between computers [...]

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How to Connect up your Devices for Wireless Transfer

wi-fi router connection and transfer

Wi-Fi Transfer App is a flexible transfer tool. Although we say it a wi-fi transfer tool, it actually works on different types of wireless networks. In this guide, we will show you how to use the Wireless Transfer App on different wireless networks. # 1. Wireless Router You need to be connected to the same [...]

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Wi-Fi Transfer App for Mac Released

We have released Wireless Transfer for Mac several days ago. See release note here: Wifi Transfer Mac Companion Released! Now, another version of the wireless sync tool released on Mac app store. Wi-Fi Transfer App on Mac App Store Price: Free Category: Photography Released: Nov 27, 2012 Version: 1.0 Size: 2.5 MB Languages: English, Japanese, [...]

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Can’t unzip Photos with Batch Transfer

I just downloaded your app and tried to transfer my photos and videos from my iPhone to my laptop.  The new zipped folder on my computer says that it is invalid and cannot be opened.  Any suggestions? The WiFi photo video transfer app support batch transfers, multiple file uploads/downloads between iOS devices or iOS and [...]

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Wifi Transfer Mac Companion Released

Wireless Transfer App for Mac

Wireless Transfer App for Mac 1.0 Release Wireless Transfer App for Mac lets you easily and quickly download photos and videos from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to Mac as well as upload photos and videos from Mac to iOS devices via WiFi. This app requires the iOS version of Wireless Transfer App be installed and running on [...]

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Create Wireless Ad-Hoc Network on Mac

Normally you can just make use of your Wi-Fi network to send your photos and videos between your iOS devices and computers. However if there is no Wi-Fi network, can I still use the Wifi Transfer app to send and receive photos/videos? In an earlier tutorial, we talked about Enable Personal Hotspot for Wireless Transfer [...]

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How to Transfer Files Over Wi-Fi?

How to transfer files over wi-fi between computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod? To transfer files over wifi, you will need to a wireless router and then connect all your devices to the wireless network created by the router. You will need an app on your device which can make use of the wifi network to [...]

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Transfer Videos from iPhone to Mac Over Wifi

There are different ways to transfer videos form iPhone to Mac. If you want to know how to send videos from iPhone to Mac using your Wifi network, you are at the right place. In this iPhone Mac wireless transfer guide, we will discuss how to copy your iPhone videos over to Mac using your [...]

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