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Bluetooth Transfer vs WiFi Transfer

Was looking for Bluetooth transfer app but this is far superior faster and easier to use! Wireless Transfer App make use of Wi-Fi other than Bluetooth for file transfer between iOS devices and computers. Bluetooth is useful when transferring information between two or more devices that are near each other when speed is not an [...]

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Delete Temporary Files

clear temporary files and cache from iOS device

From the settings, I found Wi-Fi Transfer App takes much more storage on my iPhone than before? What’s this? Wi-Fi Transfer needs to create temporary files when it compressing your photos, converting videos. These temporary files use your iOS storage. Your iOS device will not delete them automatically. However you can manually delete these temporary [...]


Compress Videos Using iPhone

compress videos using iPhone

I have some long videos on iPhone that I need to cut and jumped into trying this video slimmer out and was pleased from my first attempt. It is rather straight forward and easy to figure out. Just playing around with the settings I was very pleased with how easy it was for me to [...]


Wi-Fi Transfer App 3.0 Available on App Store

Wi-Fi Transfer App 3.0 Available on App Store

Wi-Fi Transfer App 3.0 Available on App Store, many new futures added. Please update Wireless Transfer App on all your iOS devices. Wi-Fi Transfer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lets you easily and quickly download/upload photos and videos from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch to another iOS device as well as download/upload photos and videos between [...]

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Upload Multiple Photos to iOS

select many photos to upload them at once

It becomes very easy to upload photos and videos from your Mac or PC computers to iOS devices with Wi-Fi Transfer App. You need a wireless router and a desktop browser for the wireless file transfer. The transfer app gives you links you can connect your computer and iOS device through your desktop browser. You [...]

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Name Video Files when Transferring

Is there anyway to name video files when transferring them from PC to iPad? At present when they transfer they are black (no thumb nail) and just the duration no name. A name would make this app perfect. Currently iPad/iPhone can not keep the file names for photos and videos in the Photo App on [...]


New Transfer App 3.0

wireless transfer app v3

It has been a while since our last update on Nov 28, 2012. We have received many positive feedback and valuable suggestions from our app users. Thanks to all for your help in improving the Wireless Transfer App. Now comes the new version 3.0 with many features improved and new features added. Some changes are [...]

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Save iOS Space How

video slimmer app - compress and cut videos

When we first made the Wireless Transfer App for iOS in later 2012, we focused on the sharing capabilities, the ability to choose which device you like to copy photos and videos from your iOS device, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch. Later on, we found many users simply want to get their bulky photos and videos [...]

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Instantly Send iPhone Photos on Location

send photos videos from an iPhone to another iPhone directly

When you are traveling with your family or friends, there are occasions you captured some wonderful scenes and want to share your iPhone photos with each other. How do you copy photos from one iPhone to another iPhone directly and wirelessly wherever you are? You may think about using Bluetooth to copy photos from iPhone [...]

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Get Free Wi-Fi Transfer for iPhone iPad

free wifi transfer app ios

 Limited Time Offer! We are giving away this Wi-Fi Transfer for iPhone iPad app on Apple App Store now! Anyone can download this iOS app for free in the next 3 days. Get it now from: Photo and Video Wireless Transfer App for iPhone, iPad and iPod. From iPhone to Computer & Vice Versa [...]

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