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Batch iOS Photo Download and Transfer - Download PDF TutorialHi. I see the “Select All” and “Clear All” options for controlling which photos I want to transfer from my iPhone to my Mac, but attempting to select multiple photos by dragging seems to fail when I attempt to select photos spanning multiple pages. I’ve a large number of photos I want to transfer from a very large camera roll – which makes selecting photos individually very tedious. Is there a “trick” to selecting multiple photos by dragging across multiple pages?

You have two options to download photos from an iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) to computer either through your desktop browser or the desktop companion app. For daily iPad photo transfer or iPhone photo transfer, you can use either of them and it makes no difference. However if you have huge photo collection on your iPhone or iPad, you can try the wireless download through the desktop companion app other than your web browser.

Batch Browser Download

Downloading Multiple Files from iOS to Computer through Web Browser

As long as Wireless Transfer app is running on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can use your desktop brower on Mac or Windows PC to access your iOS photo library and download photos from there.

You can browse to your iPhone/iPad albums like you browse any local photo albums on your computer. Each page on your browser can display up to 50 photos or videos. You can make use of the Select All to choose up to 50 photos/videos and download them once from your browser to your hard disk.

However if you have more than 50 photos in an album, they will be separated into different pages. You can not select all of them to download. The downloading through web browser does not support to select photos spanning multiple pages. You need to use the wireless transfer computer companion app for desktops.

Also each uploading or downloading through HTTP is restricted to 2 GB. For file size that are 2 GB or greater, we suggest you to download the FREE wireless transfer app for Mac or Windows.

Batch Download via Desktop Wireless Transfer

Downloading Multiple Files from iOS to Computer through Companion App

Other than your computer browsers, you can use the computer companion app to receive photo and video transfer from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer as well. Similar with the browser transfer, the wireless transfer app for Mac and Windows support batch transfers, multiple file uploads/downloads between iOS devices or iOS and computers.

Additional selection features are supported with the companion app for desktop, like drag to select multiple files, on-click to select all photos/videos in the same photo album, ctrl+click to select, Shift+click to select, download the whole album, no maximum photo limit, etc. If you use a web browser, you can download up to 50 files at a time, but with the wireless transfer app for Windows or Mac, you can download as many photos as you have in an album. With the free wireless transfer app on PC/Mac, you can download multiple raw files without zipping or compressing.

The transfer app for Mac and Windows made the wireless download from iOS devices even easier.

Free Wireless Transfer App for Windows
Free Wireless Transfer App for Mac

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