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How to backup your iPhone photos and videos?

When you buy a new iPhone or iPad, you want to transfer the photos and videos from the old device to the new one.  The Wireless Transfer App can help you.

Wireless Transfer App AppStore icon

Wireless Transfer App


All you need is to connect your devices to the same Wi-Fi , Wireless Transfer App can easily and quickly transfer photos and videos between iPhone and iPad as well as download photos and videos from computer to iPad/iPhone/iPod and vice verse. With Wireless Transfer App, you can transfer photos and videos from iPad to iPad, from iPad to iPhone, from iPhone to iPad, from iPhone to iPhone, from iPhone to Mac, from PC to iPad and more.

You can download Wireless Transfer App by clicking this link from AppStore. or scan the QR code below:

Download Wireless Transfer app from AppStore

Wireless Transfer App


Key features of Wireless Transfer App:

* Transfer as many photos and videos as you want, there is not any limitations on the amount or file size of photos and videos you want to copy. This feature makes Wireless Transfer App the perfect backup tool when you want to copy all your photos or videos to a new device.

* With the browse mode, you can explore photos and videos on other device just like on your own devices, select and then download.

* Support non-iOS devices, you can easily move photos to and from Android devices.

* Preserve EXIF Info and support RAW format photo files. This feature helps you backup the original photos and videos flawlessly.

* Very easy to use with an user-friendly wizard interface

iphone photo transfer app


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