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Apple set New Privacy Standard in iOS 6

Apple set New Privacy Standard in iOS 6 Download PDF Tutorial

Apple released iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad on Sept 19. One of the most important changes is the introduction of a new Privacy tab that allows users to determine which applications have access to the device’s location data, contact information, calendar, reminders and Bluetooth. It is a small tab, yet a big move toward user privacy in the mobile industry.

Apple iOS 6 privacy

Joseph Lorenzo Hall is a senior technology analyst from CDT’s (Democracy and Technology). He said that the settings allow users to exert far more granular control over application behavior than was possible previously.

The Wall Street Journal did an investigative report showing how software developers were using Apple’s UDID to gather a lot of personal information about the device owner early in 2012. This report forced Apple to stop allowing new iOS applications to track UDIDs earlier this year.

A new Limit Ad Tracking feature is another important privacy enhancement on the iOS 6, Hall said, When users enable the feature, they are basically letting mobile applications know that they do not want to be tracked. All applications that run on the iOS 6 will need to check the setting first before attempting to collect any kind of tracking data. If the limit tracking feature is enabled, advertisers and online ad network will only be allowed to collect only a narrow set of data related issues such as security, debugging and keeping a tally of unique users, he said.

Wth iOS 6 Apple has also completely eliminated its controversial Universal Device IDs (UDID) and replaced it with a more privacy-friendly way for application vendors and advertisers to identify specific devices, Hall said,

With the new iOS 6 the company has gone one step further by eliminating UDIDs completely and replace with a set of three new device identifiers. One is a vendor specific identifier that can be used by application vendors to recognize specific devices, another is designed for use by online advertisers and the third is an application-specific ID. Unlike UDID’s, the new identifiers are not persistent and can be cleared, though the device has to be completely reset to get rid of the advertiser identities, Hall said. More info can be found from this post.

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